Oh yeah? the troublemakers are right here!
FOLKS, CLICK THE IMAGE for a Knife demo

We've got a new vid! New vid! New vid!
So the show itself was a month ago, but what do you kids remember, huh?! Psshhh..
As for the band, The FM Knives are sharp YES, SHARP! (HA….HA…. GET…IT..?) Their performance that long lost Wednesday night in February kicked my butt raw, and it made Flint dance the hora all night long. Rumour has it that the reason why Mickey Hampshire of the Masonics had lost his singing voice later that evening was cuz heíd surrendered to an uncontrollable screaming fit everytime the band played a song…

They've been around since January 2001 and they enjoy long walks on moonlit nights. What a lineup; Chris Woodhouse on guitar, Zack Olson on bass, Jason Patrone on vocals and Ed Carroll on drums. Do yourself a favor and go see em’ the next time they play. You’ll be glad ya did. In the meantime, check out our surrealist take on the FM Knives. Salvador Dali aint got NUTHIN’ on us!! Here’s just a pixelated taste of the band in full force that February night with the song Down The Street.

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