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Say hidey ho! for those rokken and rollin' shows!

I'm Frannie from the S.S. Polka Dot putting a little dip in your hip and glide in your stride towards what is gracing your fancifull sea shores!

Here's what's new, magoo!
You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends shows! My March madness show pick is:

March 16th, 2002, Saturday
The Shruggs!
Harold Ray Live in Concert!
The Rev
Helium Angel

Local boys made good and fandangled garage stompers, The Shruggs go twang a lang a ling long for the jazzy kids at the VooDoo Lounge in San Franniecisco. The S.S. Polka Dot's gonna raise it's sails! This show is one Captain Crunch won't wanna miss! So cast your anchors in the port of San Fran, and shuffle your feet to the Shruggtastic beat!

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of FUN!
Welp, me and the pipparoos sailed on Sacramento shores, and this is the buried treasure we unearthed:

Thee Mallrats!
They're strumming their Rick-en-backer gee-tars and palootin' the patrons with power poppin' prose! I suggest one and all to go take a looksee at these fine lads in action! Thee Mallrats are playing many times in the month of March, check your local listings for details!

I hear the twang of an englishman......
Ahoy Maytees for a new band on the break! Served up by Captain and 1st mate: Brent and Dean Seavers! Also keep ole blue beard out and about for the resurgence of thee almighty Alamos!
So get off your laurels and warm yee ole cockles because X marks the spot on these happenin' bands and fun filled shows! Sails Away!

Frannie, from the S.S. Polkee Dot reporting exclusively for Twang news!